Tuesday, August 12, 2008

YELP! Vancouver

My favourite review site has gone up North, to good ole' Canada! I rely on Yelp to help me get through the plethora of restaurants in NYC as well as services and stores. I've always hoped that a Vancouver version of this site would develop and now, it finally has! My love for food cannot be suppressed, certainly not to the restaurants I used to frequent back home that I wish to share with the world. Well, now I can! And with great vigor, I will! I've already bookmarked about 20 places I need to review and look forward to typing up each and every one. Unfortunately, there aren't many places listed, which means, contributing to current database by filling in the blanks. But, so far there has been a fair number of reviews for many of my beloved go-tos by visitors and other transplants. Thank you Yelp! Here's to Vancouver! Go check it out and Yelp away!!

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