Saturday, October 24, 2009

This may not be the best picture of us...

But I don't care, because I miss you so...
Counting down the days till sweet sweet December.

Friday, October 16, 2009


I feel I've not been blogging as much thanks to Twitter...ahh, the wonderful world of microblogging. It saves time and makes for fast & efficient nuggets of things I found interesting or musings. I've also found it to be quite a useful resource for mini news feeds and updates on anything from the Straits Times in Singapore, Vancouver Sun or even my favourite fashion/lifestyle blogs. Many articles online are Twitter-friendly too - with sharing options so I can share what I read with the rest of the world or anyone who cares to read my ramblings.

And just an FYI - I'm not paid by Twitter.

Happy Tweeting guys & feel free to follow me!

Monday, October 5, 2009

My 1st write up

I got a great opportunity to do a review of the newly opened macbar in Soho by partly sunny - one of Vancouver's foremost fashion industry insiders. Check it out! :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Today Jil Sander's collection +J, at Uniqlo opens and boy was there a line! As much as I've been practicing great self control over my shopping habits - I couldn't say no to a grey woolen pea coat, one out of Jil Sander's 100 piece collaboration with Japanese basics mecca. *Sigh* With prices this affordable, it was hard to resist. My pea coat came in black & grey - Jil Sander's signature minimalistic and monochromatic aesthetic.

The selection was great for basics - cashmere cardis, sweater, crisp shirts, woolen blazers & coats. Apparently according to some line-bloggers, there were more men than women. My co-worker picked up 2 coats for her husband. Great shapes and well-fitted, I slid into the heathered charcoal pea coat and was thrilled at the fit :) I had to get it. It was Jil Sander afterall - probably the closest I'll ever be to the designer :P

I spoke to a salesperson and asked about replenishment - word is they will replenish tomorrow morning and that's it - the collection will be sold until its all gone. Happy Shopping & welcome to October!

ps: those Uniqlo cords that I wanted, aren't on sale anymore...good for me I guess! :P