Tuesday, December 25, 2007

There and back again

I'm home and Christmas was fantastic as usual.
It involved lots of face-stuffing and present unwrapping.
and tomorrow it's off to vacation!
I am so excited! Whoppeeee!!
Merry Christmas everyone & Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The case of the missing charger

I realise I'm in the midst of finals with just 2 more days till all this madness is over and I'm home free. But for 2 weeks now, I've been searching for my missing charger that belongs to my dust buster.

Look, I'm no clean-freak but when you're drawing, sketching and erasing, cutting & pasting, your room can get pretty dirty. And for some reason, my dust buster charger has decided to go AWOL. Now my apartment isn't huge and inanimate objects don't just get up and leave. So where the hell is it? Beats me. I've been looking for 2 weeks and I still can't find it. I'll have to resort to borrowing my friend's charger since she has the same handheld vacuum. Sigh.

It'll probably show up when I move next year. Good God! In the meantime, Dirt Devil has a cute Kone handheld vacuum that comes in pink...teeheehee....

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Guess what arrived at my door today?

December 12th, 2007
One year. How time flies.

Friday, December 7, 2007

New York ARGH #1

NYC Subway.
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OK, so tonight I decided I needed to put into words my opinion of the Brooklyn bound L train departing from 14 Street Union Square station & the 14th street buses.

For the second time now, on a Thursday night at approximately 8:30pm when I'm heading home from Fashion Drawing class armed with 4 illustration boards (20x30"), my portfolio bag and school bag filled with textbooks, notebooks, markers & coloured pencils. I usually take the bus, but for some reason, it seems to take forever on this day. So instead of freezing my ass off in minus 5 degree weather, I head to the subway to take the L train home.

I struggle down the stairs into the warm subway platform, I see people, alot of people. More people than usual. My thoughts are: "Oh, they must be sick of waiting for the bus too or its cold out and they're retreating to the subway for warmth." I naturally assume, everything is normal and the train will come in approximately 2mins as the overhead digital sign indicates.

10mins pass and still no train. More and more people gather as time ticks away. People are cranning their necks to see if they can spot any sign of the headlights of the train - nothing. No lights, no whoosh of wind coming through the tunnel, no rumbling sounds on the tracks. 20mins, still no train and at probably close to 30mins, sign of track life appears and we feel the whoosh come through the tunnel and the L train finally arrives. At this point, I'm surrounded by a bazillion people, and note I am still armed with my art supplies.

We all stuff in. I find a good spot to stand, close to the exit so I can take my leave in about 2 stops. We all file in, find our places and brace ourselves for the inertia sway of the train taking off from the station. But the doors never close, the train never moves. The inertia I was anticipating never happened. And it never happened for another 15mins! The automatic announcement is made that there is a delay. We all wait patiently in the train, waiting for the doors to close.

Another automatic announcement is made, that the delays are due to traffic ahead on the track. Then automatic another announcement is made that the L train is out of service. People start to file out, frustrated and sighing. But there are some who remain, steadfast in their postion hoping that this is merely temporary and we'll be off soon. I am one of these hopefuls.

So I stand and wait. I pull out my phone to listen to some music and keep myself entertain or more truthfully, prevent myself from staring at the man in front of me who shows clear signs of agitation at this delay but refuses to leave the train. He is hopeful too, but a frustrated hopeful.

Finally, the conductor comes on and announces that the train is in service and that we will be moving shortly once the incident ahead of us has been cleared. 10mins later, we are finally moving...VERY SLOWLY...and then, we stop - right in the middle of the tunnel. GREAT...then we start moving again and literally crawl into the next station. OMG this is terrible. If I walked in the blistering cold, I would've been home by now!

At last, I reach my station. 2 freaking stations away from where I started. Sigh. I'm just glad I didn't miss my Grey's Anatomy.

Monday, December 3, 2007

New York Eww #2

Someone who lives above my window, pours some foul smelling water from their window occasionally at night. Either that or that yucky smelling water is coming from somewhere above me. I keep my windows closed at night now. Gross.