Thursday, August 14, 2008

What are you wearing underneath?

So my internship is coming to a close which also means my staff discount is ending as well. Off I went to the biggest VS in town at Herald Square and revamped my lingerie wardrobe in one fell swoop! I've fallen in love with VS all over again, after years of La Senza in Canada and Triumph in Asia, VS is a great retailer which carries the prettiest underthings at affordable prices without having to step into Agent Provocateur or La Perla or fly to Paris. 

Pretty lingerie is such a treat. To me, they're the icing on the cake and the secret little omph that no one else knows about. They can make you feel sexy or sweet whichever you're in the mood for and somehow even though they're under your clothes, they make you feel oh-so-good and give a boost of confidence even when you're feeling not-so-hot. Hooray for lingerie! Embrace your inner sex-pot and ditch those granny panties & cotton duds, head out and go get some satin & lace! Oooh La La!

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