Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Boxes...Packing...more boxes...

I've picked up my keys and I'm surrounded by moving boxes big & small. Woah. It's hard to believe so much of my life fits in all of this cardboard and I'm not even done yet. Eeeps. Move day is Saturday! Gotta hustle! :D

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bathing it old school!

im a rubber duckie
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So over the weekend when J arrived, my shower decided to die on me. For some reason, it won't divert the water from the spout to the shower head and so we end up bathing old school style with a pail.

Hahahaha!! Its been a long time since I sat down in the shower with a pail to wash my hair and it sure brought back some old memories! :D Hope you had fun too babe! I promise it'll be fixed next week when you come over :p

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Let me see if I can stay away from H&M tomorrow

Matthew Williamson's capsule collection for H&M is available starting tomorrow at select New York locations. Thankfully, none of the Soho stores will feature this vibrant collection which means less likely a detour for me.

For those of you who aren't trying desperately to save money, go splurge at the following locations: 34th & Broadway, 51st & 5th and 59th & Lexington. Happy shopping while stocks last!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Once you find it...Buy it!

So after a long day at work and amidst the torrential downpour, I popped next door to Old Navy to see if I could pick up some of my favourite sheer long sleeve tshirts. I couldn't find them, partly because it was a winter basic and its spring now. Though our weather today wasn't indicative of spring-time warmth. So I browsed and saw that they were having a swimsuit sale.

I've always liked Old Navy swimsuits. They're affordable, cute and fit me to a tee. Most of my swimsuits/bikinis are from Old Navy, often bought on sale prior to Summer. (Smart eh?) Recently, I've developed an attraction to one-piece swimsuits. Partly because my figure isn't exactly 6 pack, toned abs but also because its so chic and subtly sexy, when you have cut outs and plunges in the right areas. I purchased my first one-piece from Old Navy about 2 years ago - it was cute: navy, white & blood orange, geometric graphic prints, in a retro boy shorts cut. Sported it in Cape Cod and in Mexico!

Today, my attention turned to 2 distinct pieces: A sexy, sleek black deep plunge halter, with ruching and a racy, brown & white zebra print deep V cut out one piece with a brass ring between the bust. I peeled off my layers of clothes and slipped these 2 on and fell in love. Damn did I look good! :D All for the price of $20 a pop. SCORE!

Can't wait to hit the beach again and bring these sexies out! RAWR!

Friday, April 17, 2009


So, after a couple of anxiety episodes, many miles of walking to see apartments, hand shaking with brokers and doormen, trawling craigslist, nytimes and other real estate rental websites, I've found my new home for the next 12months. It's about 2 blocks away from my current apartment but probably triple the size.

Thanks to the economy and lowered rent, I've managed to find and my broker negotiated a great deal on a beautiful 1 bedroom apartment with all the amenities I desire and so much more! A doorman, a regular sized fridge, plenty of windows, air-conditioning, laundry (a luxury in Manhattan apartments btw), elevator, an oven and an extra bonus, a concierge/doorman! :)

So I will be signing the lease next week and hopefully I'll get the keys soon!!

In the meantime, I gotta arrange for movers, pack my tiny studio and perhaps shop for new furniture, namely a sofa/sofabed to fill my new, HUGE space!! IKEA? Crate & Barrel? CB2? Where to begin?? :D Wheee!!! So EXCITING!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Anthropologie in Canada!

It was only a matter of time when this eclectic chain would come to Canada. Its urban sister, Urban Outfitters has already entered the malls and streets of Canada and I'm pleased to hear that Anthropologie will open its doors in Toronto on April 22 at Don Mills and then in West Edmonton Mall in May and Yorkville in July. Eventually, I'm hoping to see stores in Vancouver!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Apartment Hunting

Sitting down with a glass of milk and $1 ginger cookie picked up from the Farmer's market on a Friday night, with House playing in the background.

I've begun my search for the next apartment again - it seems its a very New Yorker thing to do: be on the constant lookout for the next best apartment. I've decided I've outgrown my tiny shoe box pad and I'm moving onto greener pastures now that I have a job. Also in my favour, rent prices in Manhattan have come down a lot so bigger place for the same amount of money is definitely an advantage! :)

Off hunting I go! Wish me luck, I'm running outta time and still need to pack & arrange movers!! ACK!

Not too shabby for a Singaporean Government ad

Monday, April 6, 2009

I must...

I must profess my love for Uniqlo again. Being back in the workforce in Soho allows me to peruse the store at my leisure. Recently, they're having this amazing jean sale - $49.90 for 2 pairs with free alterations of course. So I picked up a pair of skinnies (which closely resemble J brand's) and a pair of straight legs (the season's hot boyfriend style)! I simply couldn't resist :) Uniqlo is awesome for basics - the other day, it was absurdly cold in the office and I wasn't dressed for chills - I popped over and bought a merino wool cardi in baby blue for $19.90! How convenient! My mecca for basics!

PS: for all you Singaporeans out there, you're getting a Uniqlo of your own too!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


So Jordan showed me this video of this amazing kid who plays even more amazing guitar. Check it out!