Sunday, September 21, 2008


I found this on another blog and it perked up my midday Sunday and made me laugh out loud. I hope it does the same for you!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I think I might just have found my go-to for skinny jeans. A few days ago, I realised to my horror that my favourite pair of black skinny jeans lost a button, rendering it unwearable since the fly won't stay up, there's a big gaping hole where the button used to be. Furthermore, what once was a pair of fabulous black skinny jeans from Copenhagen, are now a faded greys. Boo. So now I was on the hunt for a new pair of black skinnies.

A class mate of mine recommended Uniqlo, the Japanese minimalist store. Their 1st US store is here in New York, right in the heart of SoHo. Coincidently, our brand management professor just issued us a case study on them. Uniqlo's concept is one of "unbranded" apparel, much like MUJI. Their store is very modern and colourful - their product is minimalist and apparently very good for basics. Namely, affordable cashmere & merino wool sweaters, cotton tshirts, cardigans and of course extremely affordable skinny jeans! I found a pair of black ones on sale for $29.99! Plus, free alterations in 24hours. (Actually, the sales person told me they can have it done in 2 hours if I was willing to wait!)

I've walked by this store dozens of time during the summer, where I worked. But I never thought to buy anything from here - but now, I know better! :D

Monday, September 15, 2008

Makeup Haul?

So I've learned a new term "Makeup Haul". It basically means, when you overhaul your makeup collection and buy several pieces of new product in 1 fell swoop. (At least, I can only deduce this is what it means from reading way too many beauty blogs & YouTube tutorials late into the night...)

Today after work, I did a little bit of a makeup haul myself! *smile* Of course, as much as I would like to do my makeup hauling exclusively at Sephora - my student budget gives me more freedom and value for money at the drugstore. So here are a list of goodies I picked up today, with some help from InStyle's and Allure's Best of Beauty lists:
  • Maybelline Lash Discovery Waterproof
  • Loreal HIP Bright Shadow Duo in Reckless
  • Revlon Illuminance Cream Shadow Set in Precious Metals (recommended as great bases for you to layer on your powder eyeshadow to help it stick & stay)
  • Revlon Illuminance Cream Shadow Set in Moonlit Jewels (they were buy 1 get 1 FREE!)
  • Rimmel Stir It Up Cream Eyeshadow in No Way!
  • a set of 2 dome shaped crease brushes
Total cost? Less than $35! Woohoo!

Black Monday

Another one bites the dust: My office is a block away from Lehman Brothers and there were tons of reporters swarming around both in the morning on my way to work and even after. There goes the neighbourhood:

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mid Autumn Musings

I've sent my better half off on a busy bus back to Boston, our regular trips to and from New York have begun. The weekend was spent wedding gift hunting, bubble tea drinking, scrap-booking, sleeping and spending quality "couple" time.

I've discovered the joys of Crate & Barrel and how it isn't as expensive as I imagined it to be. He's discovered a fabulous store in SoHo where he could find Energie & Diesel jeans for 50%-70% off, if only they just had his size...I've also photographed and documented one of my favourite stores, Anthropologie, for my visual merchandising class. Quite the productive weekend.

And now, after some apartment cleaning, I'm sitting on my bed, simultaneously watching House & makeup tutorials on YouTube, while drooling at over-the-knee boots from DSW. There are dishes in the sink which need to be done and laundry in the basket which needs attending to. All I need is some snow skin mooncake and Gossip Girl reruns and I'm all set.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival Everyone! Let 'em eat cake! PS: check out Starbuck's own mooncake, available in Asia only I think...Boo!

Spotted: Ja Rule

in Soho yesterday, in front of some restaurant/bar in the afternoon on Mercer Street I believe. J took the photos, so I'll post them when I can. He was signing autographs and taking photos with a small crowd that had gathered around him - those lucky enough to spot him and take advantage of the opportunity. J and I stood across the street and snapped some photos of our own.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Spotted: Anne Hathaway

Sitting at the table next to my friend & i while we painted ceramic pieces in Tribeca. She was super nice and down to earth. Even gladly obliged an autograph for a shy little girl who hid under the table and my friend, who wanted a photo. He was in heaven. Ah, I love it when celebrities are nice and human.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lunch before school

While back in Vancouver, I shopped at my neighbourhood asian grocery store and found that this childhood fave of mine was on promotion: 10 packets for $3! So I promptly picked some up to bring home to NYC. Its hard to find here and I don't often venture to Chinatown. As a result, many of the asian goodies I purchase are Japanese rather than Chinese because there's a small Japanese convenience store within walking distance from my apartment.

Today for lunch, I decided to make an old favourite of mine: Fried Mee Goreng. Although not 100% authentic - my home-cooked, student version serves as a quick, tasty meal before I head off to class. YUM!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Over the Labour Day weekend, J and I took some friends around NYC and stepped into Anthropologie's New York's flagship store at Rockafeller Centre and discovered a cute sister line, Leifsdottir. Its whimsical and novel, which delightful details that make the pieces quirky and feminine. Here are some pieces I drooled over:


Happy September everyone! And back-to-school / Fall shopping anyone? :D