Saturday, November 28, 2009

Woodbury Common Run #2

Dad's in town during Thanksgiving season - so a must-do is indeed another trip to the outlets to cash in on the Thanksgiving sales and complete my Christmas shopping. So off we went bright and early this morning at 9am.

It started off relatively peaceful and civilized and eventually became madness resulting in my Dad exclaiming how he never wanted to do Thanksgiving shopping ever again. But we left (11 hours later!!!) with a full car trunk and exhausted from the day's shopping, not to mention my Christmas list all checked off. How awesome.

So here's the highlights from today's run (without giving too much away for Christmas surprises):
  • COUPONS!!! Thanks to being a VIP at Chelsea Premium Outlets
  • Workout gear from Lululemon (the lowest prices I've seen so far!)
  • Renewing my love for cardigans at JCrew
  • Longchamp (another unbeatable deal!)
  • Juicy Couture & Betsey Johnson trinkets
  • And finally, an awesome, early Christmas gift courtesy of Dad from Burberry :)
Low lights include:
  • Skipping several stores because of the long lines, including Coach, Prada, Banana Republic, UGG (the UGG line was INSANE!!! guess those boots are still very much in demand..)
  • Trying on 2 gorgeous Emilio Pucci dresses realising I cannot afford either even at outlet pricing
  • Looking old in DVF
  • No size @ Nine West!
  • Disappointing selection at Neiman Marcus Last Call & Saks Off Fifth
  • Not going back to Barneys to get a Marc Jacobs knit motorcycle jacket :(
  • Never ever being able to go to every store you want to in Woodbury Common...
I'm exhausted and won't be shopping till Seoul (fingers crossed). Time for bed. Good night and happy Christmas shopping to you all because, I'M ALL DONE!!! Hee hee hee...

Friday, November 13, 2009


Wow. I realised its been a while since my last post - 11 days being quite a while for my standards at least. So to anyone who cares this is what I've been up to:
  • Online shopping way too much - Urban Outfitters has amazing sales and I picked up goodies for my apartment to prepare for the arrival of my Dad this US Thanksgiving and of course a cute dress I've been eyeing for myself @ a reduced price of $29.99! SCORE!

  • Frantically packing my apartment for Dad's visit

  • Reading a couple of books, one of which is a Korean language book in preparation for my vacation to Seoul (Thanks to HSBC where I redeemed points to get gift certificates!)

  • Preparing a Black Friday list for Woodbury Common -Potential Burberry trench in my future perhaps?

  • Cooking: Namely a pretty good beginner Bak Kut Teh, Soy Sauced Chicken Stew, Creamed Spinach...etc.

  • Making my Christmas lists

  • Working out 3 times a week! Woohoo!! With the exception of this week because I forgot to bring my gear today. I spin, I kickbox, I pilates & now, I ZUMBA! :D YAY! Note to self: Get thee to a spin class/kickboxing class this weekend!

  • Bonding with my guinea pig: letting Willi run wild around my living room - floor time is her favourite thing especially being cooped up in the cage all day. She loves sitting under the ottoman or behind the sofa. Also when I insist, she snuggles in her Etsy cuddle cup and occasionally gets to hang out in my bedroom on the window sill bench.

  • Missing the boy - who's far and away in Beijing & counting the days till we're reunited again! 1 MORE MONTH!!! YAY!
Have a great weekend! :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

To the 1st and most important man in my life.
I'm glad I'm the first one to ever send you flowers!
They won't be the last! :D
Love you lots & see you at Thanksgiving! xoxo

Sunday, November 1, 2009


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2 sailors and a table = fun night of falsies, festivities and fotos! :D