Monday, April 6, 2009

I must...

I must profess my love for Uniqlo again. Being back in the workforce in Soho allows me to peruse the store at my leisure. Recently, they're having this amazing jean sale - $49.90 for 2 pairs with free alterations of course. So I picked up a pair of skinnies (which closely resemble J brand's) and a pair of straight legs (the season's hot boyfriend style)! I simply couldn't resist :) Uniqlo is awesome for basics - the other day, it was absurdly cold in the office and I wasn't dressed for chills - I popped over and bought a merino wool cardi in baby blue for $19.90! How convenient! My mecca for basics!

PS: for all you Singaporeans out there, you're getting a Uniqlo of your own too!

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