Friday, April 17, 2009


So, after a couple of anxiety episodes, many miles of walking to see apartments, hand shaking with brokers and doormen, trawling craigslist, nytimes and other real estate rental websites, I've found my new home for the next 12months. It's about 2 blocks away from my current apartment but probably triple the size.

Thanks to the economy and lowered rent, I've managed to find and my broker negotiated a great deal on a beautiful 1 bedroom apartment with all the amenities I desire and so much more! A doorman, a regular sized fridge, plenty of windows, air-conditioning, laundry (a luxury in Manhattan apartments btw), elevator, an oven and an extra bonus, a concierge/doorman! :)

So I will be signing the lease next week and hopefully I'll get the keys soon!!

In the meantime, I gotta arrange for movers, pack my tiny studio and perhaps shop for new furniture, namely a sofa/sofabed to fill my new, HUGE space!! IKEA? Crate & Barrel? CB2? Where to begin?? :D Wheee!!! So EXCITING!!!

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