Monday, April 20, 2009

Once you find it...Buy it!

So after a long day at work and amidst the torrential downpour, I popped next door to Old Navy to see if I could pick up some of my favourite sheer long sleeve tshirts. I couldn't find them, partly because it was a winter basic and its spring now. Though our weather today wasn't indicative of spring-time warmth. So I browsed and saw that they were having a swimsuit sale.

I've always liked Old Navy swimsuits. They're affordable, cute and fit me to a tee. Most of my swimsuits/bikinis are from Old Navy, often bought on sale prior to Summer. (Smart eh?) Recently, I've developed an attraction to one-piece swimsuits. Partly because my figure isn't exactly 6 pack, toned abs but also because its so chic and subtly sexy, when you have cut outs and plunges in the right areas. I purchased my first one-piece from Old Navy about 2 years ago - it was cute: navy, white & blood orange, geometric graphic prints, in a retro boy shorts cut. Sported it in Cape Cod and in Mexico!

Today, my attention turned to 2 distinct pieces: A sexy, sleek black deep plunge halter, with ruching and a racy, brown & white zebra print deep V cut out one piece with a brass ring between the bust. I peeled off my layers of clothes and slipped these 2 on and fell in love. Damn did I look good! :D All for the price of $20 a pop. SCORE!

Can't wait to hit the beach again and bring these sexies out! RAWR!


Erica The Style Spy said...

I love Old Navy bikinis! Super cute and affordable. Too bad I'm not bikini ready right now!!!

bluerose said...

Hahaha..neither am I but I can't pass up a good deal!