Friday, March 13, 2009

Picking up the pieces

A week of unpacking & packing has left me and my aunts exhausted. I've had the bittersweet opportunity to go through all my mother's things - mind you, she has a lot of things. My mother was a sentimental woman, who kept everything she felt reluctant to part with. This applied particularly to her clothes & accessories.

My mother was an extremely fashionable woman with a walk-in closet that overflowed into guest rooms and mystery miscellaneous storage places which till this day I'm sure we have yet to uncover. She was blessed with a fabulous sense of style and taste and as I go throw my mum's beautiful wardrobe, I feel blessed to keep many of the pieces that remind me of her. From clothes to shoes & handbags, accessories & jewelry, my mum spared no expense to her passion to fashion. I've been fortunate enough to keep some pieces which I may never be able to afford.

Going through my mother's things was an emotional but fun experience. I found clothes and accessories from the 70s and 80s, which we laughed about. Items that only my mum could pull off because if we even tried, we'd look like clowns. I found pieces which I'd hadn't seen in years since my childhood and others which I've never seen in my lifetime which she still kept. It made me miss her more but also comforted me, in knowing that she's with me every time I wear something of hers. I found things which have made its back way full circle in the fashion cycle: pleated pants anyone?

It's a blessing to me to have had to chance to do this with my aunts. I think she was watching from above and laughing along with us. I miss you Mum. You had way too many things but so many have since benefitted from them. I love you.

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