Monday, March 23, 2009

Low Intensity

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I thought I'd help spread the word just a little...

Today, I discovered that 2 old friends of mine in Singapore have formed a 2-man band and have decided to take their music to the streets of Orchard Road for the simple pleasure of public enjoyment and receiving some raw exposure for their original songs. I've known these guys since high school and I've always known that both of them are extremely talented. So as I follow them on their busking adventures, striving to give local music a voice, I hope those of you back in my homeland will follow along too and perhaps even swing by one of those tunnels and take the time to check these guys out! Much love to Mark & Jason! Great job guys!

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jason said...

Boo! Thanks for the live coverage of Low Intensity reporting from the biggest Apple..

It's something we both enjoy and we'll keep doing.. be it fame or money (though a little of the latter would be a bonus).

Thanks once again!