Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fun, Laughter, Peace & Joy

There probably isn’t a person in this room who wasn’t touched by my mother’s incredibly infectious spirit. My mum was a spontaneous and passionate person, who filled our lives and the lives of those around her with a constant supply of fun, laughter, peace & joy.

That used to be a phrase I shared with her growing up. Whenever she inquired about my intentions for doing things – I’d always respond to her in a sarcastic, teen-angst fashion, the words “for fun, laughter, peace & joy”. She soon picked up on my adolescent humour and would retort those words back to me whenever I asked her the same type of inquiring questions. She always knew how to give a great comeback.

My mum had a never-ending supply of energy and ideas. She was always quick on feet and had an imagination that could fill libraries of storybooks. Her stories and quirky analogies and ideas have never ceased to entertain my Dad, my brother and myself. Growing up with mum was never a dull moment and she made childhood a fun and creative time, where the imagination was always encouraged to run wild. I credit all my creativity and passion for fashion and art to her. I am living her dream and I am proud to do so. I can only hope that she is proud of me and that I am doing a good job as she would have if she were given the opportunities I have been so blessed with.

My mum brought life to our family – she gave my brother & I life, she’s the love of my father’s life and she’s always the life of the party amongst her friends & loved ones. Everyone delighted in her as much as she delighted in them and I’ve seen so many of my mum’s friends and family who have been touched by her courage and strength. She fought a good fight.

Little did she realize that those 4 words: Fun, Laughter, Peace & Joy were the treasured elements which she brought into our family and shared with so many of her loved ones and friends. Fun, laughter, peace and joy followed her wherever she went – from Singapore all the way to Vancouver and along with that she boundless energy and passion for life, love and living to the fullest. And now, she’s going Home, where Fun, Laughter, Peace and Joy will follow her all the days of her eternal life where we will all meet again.

Mum, you are home. We will miss you so much. We will always love you.

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