Sunday, September 9, 2007


i loaded up the dishwasher, put the dishwashing liquid in...
came back a few minutes later to find suds coming out of the machine!
omg...i spent the next hour or so cleaning up the kitchen floor and the dishwasher with my room-mates! the result: my aching back.

note to self & all those who are blur like me: never put non-dishwasher safe dishwashing liquid into a dishwasher (even if it says dishwashing liquid) and READ THE MANUAL BEFORE USE!


jean said...

Making mistakes can be the fastest way to learn and you will not forget again. Better read the oven manual too in case the oven catches fire. I am not laughing but I can see the cleaning and mopping in the kitchen - did you take any pictures??

Jordan said...

Haha... at least you have a dishwasher. I have to work damn hard to overflow my sink. On second thoughts... that happens every 2 days or so. ;)