Sunday, September 23, 2007

Shopping 101 in NYC

No, unfortunately, I'm not referring to the type of shopping that involves insane amounts of clothes, bags, shoes and lovely trinkets (although that is extremely satisfying in this city as my girlfriend and I found out on Friday in SoHo - Vita 24k gold plated, snakeskin bracelets! SCORE!!!)

The shopping I'm referring to is the grocery shopping and houseware shopping which is seemingly almost impossible here in NYC. First of all, my room mates are I ventured to go grocery shopping this weekend - BIG MISTAKE. Never, even venture Whole Foods or Trader Joe's on the weekend & weekday evenings. The lines go on forever, literally, snaking around the grocery store. Furthermore, the prices are ridiculous here! Whole Foods has a wonderful selection of organic food but whose prices are WAAAY beyond the student budget! What happened to good 'ole Save-On Foods and Safeway?! Apparently, suburban supermarkets are non-existent in Manhattan (let alone decent Chinese supermarkets! The ones in Chinatown here are ghetto and so lacking in variety...I MISS TNT!)

Secondly, IKEA is house & home mothership is not even in Manhattan! And its $99 to deliver! IKEA is about 40mins away in New Jersey - and seeing that I don't have a car - this poses as a problem because everything I want and need, which is within my budget, is there. And I have to resort to buying my necessities from Bed, Bath & Beyond which clearly isn't as cheap as $1.99 tableware. So, my apartment is still fairly empty but slowly but surely I'm trying to making it look like a home - since I know my room mates aren't going to.

Today, I bought a dust buster, shoe rack, Brita water pitcher and casserole dish. I'm trying to save as much as possible for my trip to IKEA with Jordan when he's here one weekend and we can rent a zipcar! (which is cheaper than $99 deliver btw...)

I can't wait to have my own place...!

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jean said...

Making and furnishing a home takes time. You need to be patient to build your little nest. You will enjoy the experience.
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