Thursday, September 6, 2007

how the hell do i get into Fashion Week?!

apparently, its like finding the Holy Grail.
New York Fashion Week opens today and i have no idea how to go see one of the shows?!
perhaps, i could resort to just hanging around the tents...
getting into a show is one of the hardest things, unless you know someone or you're in the industry. which is why i'm in Parsons - so i can get into these things...*argh*

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Dinah said...

Getting invited first , of course!
Thats your impt Parsons contact one day soon. The right connections is necessary as many ppl want to get in to. !! Its all about WHO you know girl. :) One day soon.........but for now, you can see the ppl going in with their latest fashion too. :)Enjoy..maybe you can ask your school for tickets as well?