Monday, September 21, 2009

This song always makes me cry

I was surfing Youtube and came across a few unsigned but incredibly talented artists which I felt were worth a listen. In this cover of Death Cab for a Cutie's I Will Follow You into the Dark - is Jinah & Gerald (aka singindork888 or afraid of everest).

Everytime I listen to this song, I cry. More than just cry, I bawl. Partly because its such a sad song and partly because its so profoundly sweet. I don't profess to know the intention of song but it invites me to long for a type of love described here. It's incredibly hard to articulate but the lyrics of this song speak it so clearly and never fails to touch my heart.

It's the type of love only time can mould and inspire. The kind which supersedes death, separation & hardship. The kind of epic love stories and deep but quiet relationships are made of. The kind shared by an elderly couple or tragic young lovers.

It's the kind of love I should be so lucky to have one day...with time, age, wisdom and a deeply intimate partnership with the one I love and who loves me.

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