Friday, September 18, 2009

I've got you under my skin...

Holy cow. I think I just about spent the most lavish amount of money on my skin EVER. I decided it was about high time I treated myself to a facial. So off I went after work to Amore Pacific down the street. An hour and a half later, I walk out with glowing skin and a hole in my pocket from what I consider an obscene amount of money on my face.

Walking back home, I try to justify my indulgent purchase. 2 products & 1 facial treatment and my credit card is crying from the burn. I'm sure gonna feel it this next month...But I was thoroughly impressed by the impeccable service and quality of products. It better be, for what I just paid! I also remembered something my mum once told me: "You only have one face, so you better take good care of it" And with that, I decided recently that I will take better care of my skin. I realise youthful skin doesn't come to the lazy or complacent and once the damage is done - its done for good. Unless of course, you have no qualms spending even more obscene amounts of money to fix it later.

Good quality products go a long way. My mum used to always advocate spending a little more to keep your skin looking flawless and well-maintained. My mother had AMAZING skin - right till the end mind you, despite her illness. She always encouraged me to have facials once a month, always moisturize and use eye cream. She was the 1st person to introduce me to a proper skin care regime (cleanse, tone & moisturize!) along with a starter kit from Clinique at the age of 16.

Having facials once a month is a little out of my budget these days but I do try to maintain a good routine. I'm no product snob - I use drugstore brands as well as Japanese and other more professional/higher end products. I'm a big fan of Asian brands because I feel they target my skin better than generic products :) Although as I get older, I feel the need to invest a little more in the professional brands which come with much more extensive and advanced R&D.

Whatever your skin type - remember that you only have 1 face so the best thing to do is understand your skin's needs and be proactive about taking preventive measures rather than dealing with your skin issues later. So with a large hole in my wallet, here's looking forward to glowing skin :)

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