Friday, September 11, 2009

Fashion Week begins!

The end of Summer is commemorated by NY Fashion Week and to begin the festivities: Anna Wintour's brain child - Fashion's Night Out. A celebration of fashion where brands and retailers all over the world in fabulous cities come together to encourage shopping :)

Being fortunate enough to live in the ultimate city of fashion and work in the heart of a fashionable neighbourhood, I strolled the streets after work with some friends and checked out the festivities which involved freebies, appys, lotsa cocktails and champagne and apparently celebrities - which I was completely oblivious to :P Boo. I think I left Tory Burch a few minutes after Russell Simmons arrived. I missed Anna Wintour at Bloomingdales and I did see the crazy line-up at Bathing Ape which must've had some sort of celebrity (it was Kid Cuddi - WHO?)

Of course, I was also following the tons of live play-by-play tweets as I roamed the streets. But an early day of work the next day prompted me to retire early and head on home at 9pm. I do hope this is repeated every year - it seemed like a great success and apparently Jason Wu alone, moved about $30,000 of merchandise so I hope it did the retail scene a little good this slow back-to-school/fall buying season.

It's a Friday night, I'm exhausted from work and chilling at home with Willi and am in dire need of catching up on NYFW's first shows & my September books, doing my laundry and general apartment cleaning/tidying up.'s nice to be home :) Happy Housekeeping!

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