Saturday, January 10, 2009

The french do it better

illustrations by Garance Dore

I've always been fascinated by the French. Marie Antoinette, French food, Parisian Macarons, Fauchon's Madelines, La Tartine Gourmande and now Garance Dore. I love Paris and long to go back, there is so much of France I've yet to explore.

I came across this fabulous Parisian blog, Garance Dore and read a great Q&A on how to dress like a French Woman. The French have always been known to be alluring in their sense of style and are always nonchalant, mysterious, sophisticated and subtly sexy. It can be summed up with the following:
  • stripes - lots of them
  • layering, lots of layering - the more unconscious it looks, the better.
  • sexy details
  • the less effort it looks to put together, the more French it is
  • long hair
  • scarves, lots & lots of scarves
  • heels
  • the smokey eye look
  • confidence

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