Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mid Autumn Musings

I've sent my better half off on a busy bus back to Boston, our regular trips to and from New York have begun. The weekend was spent wedding gift hunting, bubble tea drinking, scrap-booking, sleeping and spending quality "couple" time.

I've discovered the joys of Crate & Barrel and how it isn't as expensive as I imagined it to be. He's discovered a fabulous store in SoHo where he could find Energie & Diesel jeans for 50%-70% off, if only they just had his size...I've also photographed and documented one of my favourite stores, Anthropologie, for my visual merchandising class. Quite the productive weekend.

And now, after some apartment cleaning, I'm sitting on my bed, simultaneously watching House & makeup tutorials on YouTube, while drooling at over-the-knee boots from DSW. There are dishes in the sink which need to be done and laundry in the basket which needs attending to. All I need is some snow skin mooncake and Gossip Girl reruns and I'm all set.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival Everyone! Let 'em eat cake! PS: check out Starbuck's own mooncake, available in Asia only I think...Boo!


tasha said...

i just spent a load of money at Anthropologie in Chicago...i'm broke but clothes happy:)

bluerose said...

YAY for shopping! Double YAY for patronizing one of my favourite stores! :D