Saturday, January 12, 2008


Today I got bobbed. Yes, on a whim, I decided to chop off all my hair - not that there was very much of it to begin with. I was long overdue for a haircut. About 2 months overdue. My usual hair salon was booked solid for the next 2 weeks so I ventured out to try someone new and out of pure boredom with my boring, in between length hair. I told Eddie I wanted some new, something different, something fresh. And so, he recommended going short, real short (in his thick Japanese accent). I was hesistant but agreed and told myself to trust him whilst trying not to regret straying from my usual stylist.

The result? I love it! It was very well-cut, he was merticulous and detailed, even though I practically paid 40% more than what I usually do at my usual. But in this instance, the result was tres chic and absolutely worth it! And to my surprise, it is easy to maintain! All I need is a blowdry, a little wax and I'm good to go! Its been a while since I've worn my hair this short, maybe since Secondary school days but its a new look for the new year, very now ala Katie Holmes new do, its no fuss, totally perfect for the company I'm interning at this Spring and of course, J thinks its cute ;D What more could a girl ask for?

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tasha said...

that's almost like what i did?
way to join the club!!