Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

We're back from vacationing in South East Asia and i'm missing the food, the shopping, the elephants, sun, sand and sea already. Not to mention my significant other who has flown back to stone-cold Boston. So while I'm in the comforts of home and in the company of family, in front of the tv watching Criminal Minds, I've decided to make up my New Year's Resolutions list:

1. Lose weight, to be more specific, 3-8lbs. (its a big gap i realise, but i'm leaving myself some lee-way here...the bulk of it is probably gonna be lost when I do return to New York and live on my seaweed, rice, kimchi and vitamin water diet..hahahaha!)

2. Exercise regularly, via way of going to the new gym in my apartment complex.

3. Start walking more to and from school and take the bus less. (unless of course its frigid cold)

4. All As this coming semester! None of this one B crap.

It's 2008. How time flies. It's going to be another awesome year.

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