Wednesday, January 30, 2008

High Powered Women

I'm into my 2nd semester of living in New York and there is one thing that has become apparent to me that I did notice in my 1st semester but its perpetuating as I spend more time in school and I suppose around and about in this city. This emergence/presence of the High Powered Woman.

And I'm not simply referring to the women of SATC or recently, Cashmere Mafia, the UES mothers in Gossip Girl or the upcoming Lipstick Jungle. The High Powered Woman has become more of a reality to me than any of these sitcom characters. Take my professors for example, now, one would never imagine college professors to be society people or women who hold high powered jobs but not at Parsons. It seems the school prides itself in having one of the best reputations in the business along with some of the most notable fashion industry veterans who see great value in enriching the young minds of the industry's future. I've had a couple of professors who hold extensive resumes. Entrepreneurs of companies, Vice Presidents of large corporations, CEOs and Presidents of mega brand names, Creative Directors for fashion houses and department stores...the list could go on.

These women have done everything and anything there is to be done in the industry and not all of them have MBAs, but some of them do have PhDs and others law degrees. Many of them have families, husbands and ex-husbands and kids too. Some live in Manhattan, others live in NJ or the Hamptons. My professors are all extremely well-dressed with Hermes bangles, Cartier watches, insanely large diamonds and designer clothing and bags to match. Nevertheless, they are all extremely talented, successful, powerful women - who love what they do enough to teach it to students like me.

And with this perpetuation of this High Powered Women executive in the media, it seems, being one in New York isn't too far fetched and perhaps becoming more of a reality for me than just a tv sitcom. I'm wondering, could I actually be one of these women someday? I haven't gone to business school, I don't know if I will ever be an entrepreneur, but I am in New York, I know I will love what I do and I will be immensely good at it - but is that enough? I guess, we'll just have to wait and see...and let opportunity knock at my door, either that or I'll bang on it with great enthusiasm and persistence and surely, someone will answer...

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