Sunday, May 3, 2009

Moved in

I'm sitting by the window (I have windows! YES!) in my new apartment's kitchen, trying to hook onto any free wireless internet until my cable guy comes on Thursday. Thanks to some very good movers, a very sweet significant other and so much more space - I am happily moved into my new pad, boxes and all.

I'm pleased to announce that I've got more than double the room that I used to have in my tiny studio on the ground floor. I'm in a doorman building, with a live-in super, on the 10th floor with more than 1 window. J and I slept so well on my 1st night here - there were no slamming doors, no sounds of people walking in and out of the building, no construction, just peace & quiet and pigeons that come visit my window sill every once in a while.

I can walk between rooms, to get to the kitchen. I have more than enough closet space (for now..) and I am actually in need of more furniture! Namely, a sofa! The apartment is work in progress for now, so no photos until its actually complete and pretty enough to show the world. But if I can I will definitely do a before and after post as recommended by J. I think I did good this time! :D YAY!!!

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