Thursday, May 28, 2009

So ever since I started working full-time, my hours aren't quite 9-5. I spend alot of time at work and realise I have very little time left for myself. As a result, laundry gets piled up, the apartment gets messy and cluttered, my legs remain fuzzy and my hair overgrown. Which leaves no room for frivolous shopping of course. No room whatsoever. In fact, I actually have to make time to go shopping. Even grocery/supplies shopping.

Thankfully, stores open late in Manhattan, even on weekdays and there's always the internet. Recently, I made several big purchases online because I simply didn't have the time to buy it in-store. Having moved into a bigger, better space - I needed a 2nd air conditioner and, much to my father's insistence - a bigger tv. So I bought them online via and respectively and am awaiting their deliveries this week. Whilst perusing, I also invested in a small safe and found some great photo frames for cheap! Click add to cart and I was ready to checkout :D How easy!

I am still in need of a sofa and unfortunately, IKEA doesn't let you buy sofas online. However, upon looking at my fairly empty apartment, I feel inspired to make sure this cosy abode will make my mother proud. Hence, I spent a great deal of last night in bed browsing and getting plenty of good ideas for small spaces and decluttering tactics. Clutter seems to be my biggest problem as my dad pointed out to me this weekend. I must somehow overcome it.

So, off to IKEA I go this weekend, as well as other cool websites and thrift stores with eclectic housewares. I intend to do all of this on a decent budget and come out with a fabulously decorated apartment. And then, photos will follow to document my interior decorating work-in-progress project :)

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