Thursday, July 17, 2008


i swing by Urban Outfitters to return a duplicate of a rug i bought. Stupidly i bought 2 instead of one so a return was needed. i usually run my errands on my days off, which are a welcome break from sitting at my desk all day. i also take this time to blog, clean & pack my apartment, do the laundry, catch up on tv, pick up dry cleaning etc.

its also a good time for me to do girly things while J is at work (ie. get waxes, facials, manicures & pedicures etc). so after i got my green tea facial at my usual Japanese spa, i hopped over to UO to do the return.

lo & behold, i was immediately drawn to the table of rings, bangles and charm necklaces. i spot 3 pieces i'm itching to buy. then i move deeper into the store, perusing dozens of belts i want to include in my already large belt collection and then moving toward the back of the store where i spy a beautiful black cotton & crochet vest and a colourblock sundress in muted colours! omg, i WANT it!! but seeing how i really need to curb my shopping spending & after torturing myself  by trying it on, i decide to put it away and collect my $30.25 from my returned rug and walk out of UO empty handed. SIGH...

"i do not need more clothes..i do not need more clothes...although there are some cute things on sale on"

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