Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Perils of Working in SoHo

I've realised I'm very fortunate to be living in The Big City - where I live the supposedly coveted Manhattan lifestyle ala Sex and the City. It really isn't as jazzed out as people might say it is, but it is pretty cool. Keep in mind, visiting New York City and living in New York City are two VERY different things. I have never experienced the former, but  I can tell you that the latter is far less glamourous compared to the stories I've been told from travellers coming back from the famed Big Apple.

Working in NYC has its ups and downs. J has his little rants of working here which I'm sure he'll elaborate on eventually. Times Square isn't exactly the ideal location one thinks of when working in Manhattan. Most conjure up images of the Financial District and Fifth Avenue possibly where the i-bankers, traders and other high flyers in the working world spend their 10-14 hour days. The same can be said for SoHo - it isn't your stereotypical work neighbourhood. What most don't know is many people work in various areas of Manhattan, some in midtown, others in downtown and some uptown. There are several fashion head offices which are located in Chelsea, I've worked in midtown on the famed Fifth Ave on the same block as Ferragamo and Cartier but for the summer, I head to SoHo every morning for work. My office is located practically in the heart of SoHo - where the amount of tourist traffic is high and the risk of shopping on your lunch break is even higher.

When you're surrounded by fabulous stores, little chic boutiques and awesome street vendors, you must understand the urge is almost irrisistable! My office is above an Old Navy for crying out loud! 2 days ago I walked in for a browse and found a fabulous pair of pink and brown striped espadrilles on sale for $16.99!!! 

Other purchases made whilst working in SoHo (either during lunch or post-work):
  • Red Wayfarers 
  • Multi-coloured patchwork long skirt
  • Magenta jersey wrap cardigan
  • Miscellanous cosmetics from Sephora (only 1 block down)
  • H&M Blouse (birthday gift for a friend)
Its quite the challenge considering there are 2 H&Ms within a 1 block radius, Club Monaco is across the street as well as Bloomingdales. Victoria Secret is around the corner and American Apparel is a hop, skip away. Forever 21 is 2 blocks away across from where I do my banking and SoHo is strewn with dozens of street vendors selling fabulous jewellery which I pass everytime I walk to the subway.

SoHo isn't cheap by all means. There are dozens of little boutiques with independent designers trying to make some money - where dresses go for at least $100. But if you look carefully, you can find cheap steals and that's where the danger begins for me. With the time and a paycheck to spend...what is a girl to do? In one hand and out the other! ARGHHH!!!!

Keep me from my credit card, please.

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tasha said...

send the card to me. i'll keep it safe for you ;)