Wednesday, June 25, 2008

movin' on in...

wow. who would have thought a teeny tiny studio could hold 2 people's stuff? well, barely. which explains why there are no photos of my apartment yet. its waaay too messy to show in public and i still have 1 unpacked suitcase and a toaster oven sitting on the floor.

there's no closet space
(because 1/2 of it is his shirts)
there's no kitchen counter space
(because i only have 1 counter which is the size of 2 chopping boards)
there's no under bed space
(because i got a low bed and my bedlinens are under there already)
there's no shelf space
(because we've used it all to store clothes, bags, shoes...)

i think i'm due for another trip to Ikea and the Container Store thanks to some of my mom's smart ideas. its an organizational challenge to keep this apartment not looking like tornado invaded it! but on the other hand, its nice to have someone to come home to and someone to snuggle up to at night :)

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