Monday, June 16, 2008

columbus, oh

i'm tired. i've been flying around non-stop, literally.
back in new york from vancouver, only to take off again the very next morning to columbus, for training. but its all worth it since i was flown in the corporate plane, served drinks, food etc and then put up in a brand new Hamptons Inn with FREE internet & a large LCD flat screen tv and all meals taken care of. I feel spoilt - hello corporate life! but clearly, this isn't always the case but you have to admit, a company with their own flight department is pretty darn sweet.

networking is tiring too. trying to get the attention of managers, VPs and directors amidst 60 over people can be challenging. i've got 1 more day of training/orientation and then they're flying me home. ahhh...home. and then its off to Cape Cod to join J for an all expenses paid weekend! thank you, Bain! :D


lotto said...

that's really cute..wish i had one too.

tasha said...

who is said "company"?