Monday, February 2, 2009

Spring 09 window shop

Being back in Manhattan means I get to check out the retailers spring trends via my favourite past time - window shopping. I browsed one of my favourite retailers today for the latest season's looks translated into affordable, fast fashion and was pleasantly surprised! So much so, I had to hold myself back from whipping out my credit card & swiping it all on new clothes for Spring. Despite the economic downturn, Spring fashion is still fresh and very affordable!

H&M has a to-die-for Spring 09 collection!! I wanted EVERYTHING I saw. Billowy tops and bottoms, lots and lots of volume. Icy pastel palettes, florals and lots of neutrals like taupe. Tulip skirts, dresses, tops. Lots of layers - cupcake style on tops & skirts. Ruffles & sheers seen on everything. Here are some pieces I spotted in-stores today:

Photos courtesy of Modefeber

Happy Shopping you guys!

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