Thursday, November 13, 2008

In lieu of Jamaica

To explain the long absence, its been a crazy several weeks and J had planned a trip to Negril, Jamaica during the dull, cold month of November. But as luck would have it, what started as Tropical Storm Paloma became a Category 4 Hurricane which swept the Caribbean nixing our much anticipated Jamaican getaway. In the most heroic nature, J rearranged the plans, was on the phone with Expedia all night and sent us packing to Cancun, Mexico - booked & ready to go in literally less than 10 hours before our departing AA flight. My boyfriend is amazing.

We arrive in Cancun with rain, but it would be the only day the rain came down and the rest of our mini vacation was spent soaking as much sun as we could before heading back to the Northeastern cold. Highlights of the trip included:

Chichen Itza - Yucatan, Mexico

A very well-read tour guide educated us on the Mayan history and explained the different ruins, including the largest ball court in the Americas, an observatory tower which many modern-day towers are modelled after, a sacrificial sinkhole and of course, the magnificent Chichen Itza temple itself, which has been named as one of the new seven wonders of the world!

Of course, lotsa sun, sand & sea!

Jordan jumping into a fresh water cenote! I didn't have the guts to jump from such a height, so I merely splashed into the cool water from a safe distance :D

At this point, we went snorkelling & no digi cams were allowed. Underwater pics to follow, IF they turn out ok.

Just me, my boy, my Nikon & my wayfarers.

Our all inclusive resort, with attached infinity pool & as many pina coladas and guacamole you can eat satiated us plenty & we surely rolled out 5lbs heavier. Although for future references, I'd prefer a much more secluded location with more beach and less people. Mayan Riveria? Cabos San Lucas? Note to self for next time :)

It was a wonderful, much-needed vacation. It wouldn't have been pulled off if not for J's awesome planning. Thanks for a wonderful trip babe, I can't wait for our next one! And yes, one day we'll make it back to Jamaica!

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