Sunday, April 13, 2008

i've found it!!!

after looking at several apartments that were too small, no laundry, no elevator, dirty, too far, too expensive...i met a realtor on the weekend and found my new home. i signed the lease and put down my deposit and my search has finally ended. its a restored historic building, built in 1907. its been completely gutted and renovated with new floors, appliances, finishings and complete with elevator and laundry room. its a secure building with a live-in super and the best part of it all, i didn't have to pay a broker fee and the landlord didn't require a gurantor despite me being out of state. i understand now, when people say, you just know when you've found the apartment. because its true, once you walk in, you just hits you and all the stars are aligned and every bone in your body tells you "yes, this is the one". it sounds very much like falling in love, doesn't it? and so, guess what? its IKEA shopping time!!! along with mattress shopping time and cable & internet installing time, and packing & moving time... :P

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