Monday, November 19, 2007

Partying MIT Style

MIT Fall Ball - November 16
MIT Sloanies know how to party - ever since Jordan joined the Sloanie family, I've had this impression that anyone who goes to MIT is the epitome of dorkiness. I was so wrong. Apparently, Sloan is where the cool dorky kids go (if such a concept does even exist) but regardless, these Sloanies know how to have a good time.
I've been introduced to the infamous 141 parties and the Sloan potion and just this weekend, I've attended the "must-attend" event of the year - The MIT Fall Ball held at Park Plaza Hotel in Boston. Everyone got glammed up and with an open bar, we danced to a mixture of 80s and Top 40s music. Clearly, the DJ misconstrued the age bracket of this group of grad students - Jordan and I were born in the 80s! Nevertheless, we had a good time. Who would have thought Bhangara music would be sucha hit with B-school students? *grin*

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